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These yachts aren’t for the good guys. Not for the cowboys with the white hats or philanthropist superheroes with capes. These yachts do not compromise or conform to standards. These yachts aren’t woke. These yachts are for the free spirits, the evil master minds. Often misunderstood by the narrowminded, the followers, the sheep.


These are the yachts that we want.

Project Valkyrie

It’s nearly as long as the French aircraft carrier Charles the Gaulle. But this is no baguette in any sense. Valkyrie is the love child of Korean and American masterminds. 


L.o.a.: 229m
Beam: 30m
Max. speed: 25 knots
Designer: Chulhun Park & Palmer Johnson
Budget: $800+ million

Project Earth 300

The people behind this amazing yacht will probably not be amused with making it to this list of yachts for villains. After all, the mission of Earth 300 is to address the greatest threats to humanity. Fight pollution, global warming. We salute you for that. But if you conceive a 300 meter long floating open source platform that can host 160 scientists, 22 laboratories and VIP suites that looks as cool as this, you are building nothing short of a villain’s dream.


L.o.a.: 300m
Beam: 46m
Max. speed: not important. Zero emmission.
Designer: Iddes Yachts
Budget: unknown. 

Black Swan

Turkish designer Timur Bozca is probably on speed dial for every wannabee Bond villain with a desire for jawdropping maritime transportation. Mr Bozca has won more design awards than agent 007 has had female encounters. The 7o meter long getaway yacht Black Swan is dark in every beautiful sense. And if you need to outrun paparazzi or the coast guard, you’ll be at 28 max knots in no time. The vessel’s 23,172 horsepower will make sure of that. What an absolute beauty!


L.o.a.: ±70m
Beam: unknown
Max. speed: 28 knots
Designer: Timur Bozca
Budget: unknown.


Lobanov Design. Remember this name if you ever need someone to design your wildest dreams. Radical and breaking all the rules. Their projects are made for top villains from across the globe. Judging from their work, they must be fans of Jules Verne’s captain Nemo. See also S/Y Phoenicia further down this list and you will understand what we mean. We love it!

Fun fact: they also designed the logo for sailing yacht ‘A’.


L.o.a.: 115m
Beam: unknown
Max. speed: unknown
Designer: Lobanov Design Studio
Budget: Oceanco will build it for you. Call them for a quote.

Sailing Yacht ‘A’

This yacht is proof we live in a world of conformist sheep. The amount of negative sentiments posted online on this absolutely stunning yacht makes us do our evil laugh every time we read them. The size, the lines, the absolute secrecy about her interior designs and features: it all helps to create the myth, the legend that is Sailing Yacht ‘A’.  We’ve seen her up close and are even more in love with her. Whoever dislikes this design: please leave this site. 


L.o.a.: ±143m
Beam: ±25m
Max. speed: 21 knots
Designers: Doelker + Voges, Jacques Garcia, Philippe Starck
Budget: $400+ million.
Website: Wikipedia